Company History

I have been shooting and reloading for a long time. I started selling ‘once fired’ brass because it seemed that every time I ordered brass for my shooting needs from someone, I was disappointed in the quality or the brass was mixed head stamp when it was advertised as being all the same. As I looked and found some quality brass for my shooting needs, I started thinking that there might be other shooters out there that were unable to find good brass also.

Nothing was more frustrating to me than to spend the time to work up a good load for one of my rifles or pistols and then have to spend more money than I wanted to on new factory brass because I couldn’t find brass that was the same head stamp or was of poor quality.

I started looking for sources of once fired brass and found some that had the quality that I wanted. I built on those sources and today, the agencies I buy brass from shoot only factory ammunition. All of the brass is stored inside, not outside in the weather.


So what sets ‘Brassman Brass’ apart from other’s?

When you buy from the Brassman, you can be assured that you are getting quality ‘once fired’ and ‘new brass’. Plus it is 100% of the brand you order. We also have mixed head stamp pistol calibers available for when you just want to go plinking.
All of our brass is satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with the brass, please let us know and we will make it right with you! We also send an extra 20-50 rounds with ‘most’ once fired brass in case we miss a dented neck or a bad case.

Our prices are reasonable because we buy brass by the ton and pass the savings on to you – the shooter. Give the Brassman a try. We guarantee you will like the brass you buy for your reloading needs.

We also have lesser quantities of calibers too small to list. Please email or call us for availabilities…

Thank you for trying Brassman Brass!